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Joel Truitt Management has managed our condo association for over 10 years--the Board has continued their contract because they provide 24 hour availability; years of expertise; many years of expertise in construction with insight into what needs correcting and the best approach; plans and attends board and bi-annual meetings; and maintains accurate paperwork for financial, tax and auditing purposes.



[Joel Truitt Management} has managed our coop since we bought the building in 1991. They helped us plan the renovations and helped us figure out how to finance it. Our finances are always to the penny; they always respond to calls and their work crews are extremely courteous and knowledgeable. 19 years is a long time to remain with one management firm if one is not completely satsified.



As the president of our condo association for the last 9 years I have worked closely with Joel Truitt and his staff that he managed well before I move in. I appreciate most that [Joel Truitt Management has a fine appreciation and respect for the beauty of our older building and aware of its quirks. When we want to make building modifications, he is very attuned to suggesting changes that are functional, reasonably priced, and "fit" the building. He is diligent about trying to keep our expenses as low as possible, but recommends increases when warranted. I have found his staff to be very responsive to requests and for completing projects.


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