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Condominiums, Coops, and HOA's


  • We maintain long office hours to be of service (8am-6pm Monday-Friday and 8am-12pm most Saturday's), after office hours our 24-hour answering service will locate one of us in an emergency; written communications can be faxed, emailed, or hand-delivered to us anytime.


  • It is wise that we hold keys to all units, in case of emergency and to facilitate owner's having repairs made (notify us and your contractor can pick-up and return your key the same day).


  • On a daily basis, we log repairs and "problems and process them for the appropriate action, keys are logged out and in and keys are required to be returned the same day.


  • Budget planning is also project planning time, we recommend looking ahead one, two and three years in the short term, funds for these projects are set aside for the designated purpose; we take a pro-active position in your planning; capitol reserve savings schedule should be re-evaluated every 5-plus years.


  • Since 1973 Joel Truitt has been a real estate broker specializing in property management, prior to that he was a part-time sale agent while employed as a journalist; he also heads Joel Truitt Builders, Inc., which specializes in quality remodeling and restoration and is available for management projects and emergencies.


  • In general, the approach of JTM is quality, so that your funds are wisely and well spent to improve your investment. If you see areas that we can carry out better for you, please let us know---encouraging that important two-way dialogue. Therefore, our management agreement is basically a month-to-month agreement to make ending the relationship easy if it is not working.


In short, it is our personal pledge that JTM will extend its best efforts on your behalf.


Joel Truitt has been a resident of Capitol Hill since 1967, and while living on Lincoln Park got involved in its changes and insisted on the children's play areas. A former board member of the Capitol Hill Restoration Society and the Capitol Hill Brokers Council. He served many years on the Congressional Cemetary Board, and is a former president of the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, a member of the Capitol Hill Garden Club and is a co-founder of the 8th Street/Main Street project. He regularly attends conferences and workshops and association meetings in real estate,management and association managment.

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